Little World (the rock opera)

This 40-song rock opera (musical) was written to be performed on a theatrical stage ((c) 1996). The setting is a high school in the Pacific Northwest, where a passionate biology teacher leads her students on a journey of ecology lessons and field trips to spark their own passion for the world that sustains them. The first act develops the values and points of view of people with an environmental concern, and contrasts these points of view with those focused on economic concerns. In the second act, the students begin to understand and question these opposing concerns, and when the teacher dies from cancer they decide that it is time for them to become the change that needs to happen.

A subplot is the developing relationship between the teacher and one of her students. The student is infatuated with his teacher’s depth and intellectualism, and she allows herself to get caught up in her student’s brave naiveté in changing the world.

This is a coming of age story, from two angles; primarily a transition to a heightened environmental awareness for all of the students, and the secondary theme of a transition from boyhood to manhood for one of the students.

I am currently looking for collaborators/theaters/drama departments interested in putting this work onto the stage! I believe that with the right musical and theater direction, this would be a fantastic production, and one with great meaning and importance for our times.

Please contact me at for more information, including song demos and the entire script.