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“…I’ve been thoroughly entertained by [Saul’s] unmatched fusion of R&B and jazz. He brings something new to the table each time, and has an aura about him that is entertaining to watch…” – Deana B, owner/chef of Diablas Kitchen

“Saul has played at a variety of TAM events throughout the years. He is always a crowd favorite. His smaller footprint is perfect for intimate settings, and his performances create a welcoming atmosphere… Not only is he an incredibly gifted musician, Saul is one of the nicest individuals I have ever met and is a true pleasure to work with.” – Miyai G., Executive Director of The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho (TAM)

“…[Saul] is a very accomplished and talented musician, and his music is great for a relaxing environment for our customers…I highly recommend Saul if you’re looking for a live music act. Cheers!” – Nate M, manager at Idaho Brewing Company

“It is a pleasure to have Saul Chessin play at our venue. The blend of soul, R&B, and jazz has developed quite the following here. The balance between his vocals and keys creates a wonderful harmony; an upbeat and refined atmosphere; attune to the setting. I highly recommend booking Saul…” – Liza M., General Manager of The Celt Pub

“Saul Chessin really brings the soulful R&B Vibe to the party with [his] latest single ‘You Love Me’… [The] delicate percussion and the lively piano hits give this a…classy feel. The vocalist…just oozes class. Imagine being in an upper class gathering drinking martinis out of a diamond encrusted glass. That is the vibe we get from this track, a beautifully engineered single from the musical act found in the Pacific Northwest. We thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed listening and reviewing this piece of music, which transported us to an upper class New York Bar…” – Aweganic Review of the song “You Love Me”

“With a sultry semblance of Sade, [this song] is sexy, hot, and cool. You can almost taste the heat…” – Melanie K, review on CDBaby of the song “You Love Me”