New Soul Authority

“Troubadours for my troubled mind. Thank God for their Rocky Mountain mojo.”





Bryan Hinschberger – Vocals (not pictured);
Above, from left to right: Brad Beckwith – Bass; Saul Chessin – Keys/Vocals; Jack Hoole – Drums


Here is a free download of one of the top New Soul Authority songs…”You”

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Review by Jamie Hobbs of i4entertainment about the New Soul Authority song “You”…

“…”You” is heavily influenced by the acid jazz movement…In the middle of the track we get a lush vintage electric organ reminiscent of the early days of Emerson, Lake and Palmer. It also has beautiful lyrics…that would have made Marvin Gaye jealous. I also can’t help but think that this track sounds like a male equivalent of an early Alicia Keys record – you know the time before she was bought by MTV executives…Hopefully New Soul Authority will get more coverage in Jazz magazines from both sides of the Atlantic, cause more people need to groove along to their tunes.”

Searching for that magical connection between listeners and performers, New Soul Authority digs deep to find soulful music with meaning.

New Soul Authority (NSA) is a piano/bass/drums trio. Composer Saul Chessin was influenced by many styles of music, including old school jazz, 70-80’s funk/soul/R&B, and the acid jazz movement in the 80-90’s, but together, the band members have carved out a refreshing sound, unique to themselves. The music is piano, electric piano, and organ based (Saul Chessin), but listen closely to the funky rhythm section (Brad Beckwith -bass, Jack Hoole -drums). Their first release was a single, Hold On, featuring the guitar work of accomplished artist, Craig Green. Their debut album, Get Down to the Core, is a compilation of ten soulful tunes, five of which feature the amazing singer Bryan Hinschberger. New Soul Authority’s most recent release is a six-song EP taken from a live show at the IBC. It features their #1 downloaded/streamed song, Getting Fancy.

Attached are some music players with a few of our songs from our 2011 and 2013 CDs…You can copy and paste these players (for example, into your social media sites/pages) if you wish…

…the first player has the top two NSA songs, “Getting Fancy” and “You.”

…and, here are a few of the funkier NSA tunes…