“Troubadours for my troubled mind. Thank God for their Rocky Mountain mojo.”





Bryan Hinschberger – Vocals (not pictured);
Above, from left to right: Brad Beckwith – Bass; Saul Chessin – Keys/Vocals; Jack Hoole – Drums

Searching for that magical connection between listeners and performers, New Soul Authority digs deep to find soulful music with meaning.

New Soul Authority (NSA) is a piano/bass/drums trio. Composer Saul Chessin was influenced by many styles of music, including old school jazz, 70-80’s funk/soul/R&B, and the acid jazz movement in the 80-90’s, but together, the band members have carved out a refreshing sound, unique to themselves. The music is piano, electric piano, and organ based (Saul Chessin), but listen closely to the funky rhythm section (Brad Beckwith -bass, Jack Hoole -drums). Their first release was a single, Hold On, featuring the guitar work of accomplished artist, Craig Green. Their debut album, Get Down to the Core, is a compilation of ten soulful tunes, five of which feature the amazing singer Bryan Hinschberger. New Soul Authority’s most recent release is a six-song EP taken from a live show at the IBC. It features their #1 downloaded/streamed song, Getting Fancy.

NSA continues to perform live shows, but currently the main focus is on creating new music. A new release is planned for sometime in 2015 or 2016.

We’ve attached some music players here with a few of our songs from our 2011 and 2013 CDs…You can copy and paste these players (for example, into your social media sites/pages) if you wish…

…the first player has the top two NSA songs, “Getting Fancy” and “You.”

…and, here are a few of the funkier NSA tunes…