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Here is the first release from my solo project. It is a song called “You Love Me.” It is available for download from iTunes or CDBaby, etc., and is on all of the streaming services (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, etc.). I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your thoughts (email me at


Here is a free download of one of the top New Soul Authority songs…”You”

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New Soul Authority – RnB/funk/acidjazz/fusion
…[Saul Chessin’s] blend of soul, R&B, and jazz has developed quite the following here… – Liza, General Manager of The Celt Pub (Idaho Falls, ID)

Review by Jamie Hobbs of i4entertainment about the New Soul Authority song “You”…

“…”You” is heavily influenced by the acid jazz movement…In the middle of the track we get a lush vintage electric organ reminiscent of the early days of Emerson, Lake and Palmer. It also has beautiful lyrics…that would have made Marvin Gaye jealous. I also can’t help but think that this track sounds like a male equivalent of an early Alicia Keys record – you know the time before she was bought by MTV executives…Hopefully New Soul Authority will get more coverage in Jazz magazines from both sides of the Atlantic, cause more people need to groove along to their tunes.”

Different Dimension…this version performed by The Galaxy Forest…acidjazz…
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